Header Illustration of burgers on parade for Memphis Magazine feature on the Best Burgers.
AD: Brian Groppe

Set of 10 spot illustrations for Memphis Magazine feature on local dishes inspired by vintage recipes in the original James Beard Cookbook. 
AD: Brian Groppe

Series of four half-page illustrations and four spot illustrations for a feature in Memphis Magazine about the best and trendiest spots to get your money’s worth when vacationing in Los Angeles. Illustrations featured from top to bottom: 

Local dogs in front of Gjusta in Santa Monica
Looking into the kitchen of Here’s Looking At You in Koreatown
Famous house ricotta and jam toast from Sqirl
A selection from the bar at Gracias Madre
The beautiful Commisary at the Line Hotel
A selection of pickles from Baroo in East Hollywood

AD: Brian Groppe

Header illustration and series of four spot illustrations for a Memphis Magazine feature on the best local fried chicken dishes for the summertime. 
AD: Brian Groppe

Full page illustration for CLICK Magazine for a variety feature on ten upcoming Mid-South artists to pay attention to.
AD: Casey Hilder

Set of four spot illustrations for a Memphis Magazine feature on innovative local hot dogs to try for the summer. 
AD: Brian Groppe

Set of ten illustrations drawn to accompany the text in Three Early Stories by J.D. Salinger. Published by the The Devault-Graves Agency.

You can purchase this book here, on Amazon.

Four page comic Pocket Worlds created for Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers. This comic was inspired by many years of playing Game Boy Pocket & Color as a kid, and many more years of playing my Nintendo DS as an adult.

For more information about Chainmail Bikini, please click here. If you would like to purchase a copy of the book, you can here on Amazon.

Editor: Hazel Newlevant

Los Angeles, Calif, 2019